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Litigating in the courts in all five New York City boroughs and in the courts of the surrounding counties (Westchester, Nassau, Suffolk, etc.).

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Litigation is a complex process that requires a broad spectrum of attorney skill and experience. The litigation outcome often is dependent on the expertise of your attorney who must be thoroughly familiar with New York Court practice as well as the governing law.

Your attorney’s role does not end there. Many strategic decisions are necessary and crucial during litigation. Ethical representation on your behalf that is also aggressive, informed and intelligent is what you can expect from the Melvin S. Hirshowitz Law Offices.

Clients of the Melvin S. Hirshowitz Law Offices are informed every step of the way of the progress of their case and participate in the major decisions that need to be made as their case progresses, guided by Hirshowitz’ skill and experience.

To choose the Law Offices of Melvin S. Hirshowitz is to be confident your case will be wisely and vigorously pursued, without delay and at a reasonable and competitive cost.

There is no charge for an initial consultation.

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